《苏东坡传》为什么译做“The Gay Geniu”?苏轼:我不是,我没有,别瞎说!(苏东坡传译者)

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不过,很多爸爸妈妈对这两本书的英语名字大吃一惊,即使它叫《The Gay Genius:The Life and Times of Su Tungpo》。

gay genius?白居易是homosexual?



The young brothe咔咔鼠app下载rs spent their time looking at the gay streets, eating at the famous restaurants, and standing in the cold watching with great admiration the renowned ministers passing by in their carriages.这对年青的兄妹把天数花在游玩梦幻般的市中区上,在成衣茶楼喝茶,在炎热的天气情况里,怀著敬佩的心境站在马路上看著名声赫赫的高官们搭乘轿子路经。译者“欲把西溪史论家,浓妆淡抹总最宜”:

Id like to compare the咔咔鼠app下载 West lake to "Miss West". Pretty in a gay dress, and pretty in simple again.描绘白居易轶事:

There is no record that Su Tungpo became enamored of any of the courtesans. He enjoyed the gay parties and "fooled around" with women enough to be a "good fellow," not enough to take a mistress.没史料证明白居易迷恋过任何名妓。他喜欢寻咔咔鼠app下载欢作乐,与女人“厮混”,足以成为两个“名士”,但他并没娶一名情妇。描绘白居易红颜知己王朝云:

She was intelligent, gay, vivacious, spirited. Of all the women in Sus life, she seemed to understand him best.她聪明、快活、活泼、热烈。在白居易一生中,她似乎是最了解他的女人。

从语法结构可以看出,gay genius、gay streets、gay dress、gay parties、“She was intelligent, gay”中的gay,都是形容词。



sexually attracted to people of the same sex and not to people of the opposite sex同性恋的


If a place is gay, it is bright and attractive.


白居易十九岁时迎娶王弗,王弗去世三年后娶其堂妹王闰之,三十八岁赎回王朝云,由此可以推断他真的并非homesexual,gay genius只是表示“快乐的天才”。

词源词典提到,gay在中古英语中表示"excellent person, no咔咔鼠app下载ble lady, gallant knight",并没今天我们都熟知的这个含义。

梁实秋在写作《The Gay Genius》时,gay还保持着古早朴素的含义,当时他用这个词描述白居易,重点强调他“不羁又快乐的”生活。


gay dog

英语释义:a man given to licentious self-indulgence两个放荡快乐的人


例句:One likes to bealone, but the other is a bit ofa gay dog. 两个喜欢独处,另两个却喜欢热咔咔鼠app下载闹。














First Visit to the Red Cliff白居易Translated by Yang Xianyi &Gladys Margaret Tayler

In the autumn of咔咔鼠app下载 the year Renxu, at the time of the full moon in the seventh month, I went by boat with some friends to the Red Cliff. There was a fresh, gentle breeze, but the water was unruffled. I raised my winecup to drink to my friends, and we chanted the poem on the bright moon, singing the stanza about the f咔咔鼠app下载air maid.壬戌之秋,七月既望,苏子与客泛舟游于赤壁之下。清风徐来,水波不兴。举酒属客,诵明月之诗,歌窈窕之章。

Soon the moon rose above the eastern mountain, hovering between the Dipper and the Cowherd. The river stretched white, sparkling as if with dew, its glimmering water merging with the sky. We let our craft drift over the boundless expanse of 咔咔鼠app下载water, feeling as free as if we were riding the wind bound for some unknown destination, as light as if we had left the human world and become winged immortals. Drinking, we became very merry; and we sang a song, beating time on the side of the boat. This was the song:少焉,月出于东山之上,徘徊于斗牛之间。白露横江,水光接天。纵一咔咔鼠app下载苇之所如,凌万顷之茫然。浩浩乎如冯虚御风,而不知其所止;飘飘乎如遗世独立,羽化而登仙。于是饮酒乐甚,扣舷而歌之。歌曰——

Our rudder and oars

redolent of cassia and orchids

Strike the moons reflection

cleaving the glimmering water

But my heart is far away

Longing for my dear one

under a different sky





One friend, who was a good flutist, played 咔咔鼠app下载an accompaniment to this song. The notes rang out nostalgic, mournful and plaintive, trailing on and on like a thread of gossamer, arousing the serpents lurking in dark caverns, drawing tears from a widow in her lonely boat. Sad at heart, I sat up straight to ask my friend why the music was so mourn咔咔鼠app下载ful.客有吹洞箫者,倚歌而和之。其声呜呜然,如怨如慕,如泣如诉,余音袅袅,不绝如缕。舞幽壑之潜蛟,泣孤舟之嫠妇。苏子愀然,正襟危坐而问客曰:“何为其然也?”

He replied, “Didnt Cao Cao describe a scene like this in his poem: The moon is bright, the stars are scattered, the crows fly south...? And isnt this the place where he was defeated by Zhou Yu? See how the mountains and s咔咔鼠app下载treams intertwine, and how darkly imposing they are with Xiakou to the west and Wuchang to the east. When Cao Cao took Jingzhou by storm and conquered Jiangling, then advanced eastward along the river, his battleships stretched for a thousand li, his armies pennons and banners filled the sky. When h咔咔鼠app下载e offered a libation of wine on the river and lance in hand chanted his poem, he was the hero of his times. But where is he now?客曰:“月明星稀,乌鹊南飞,此非曹孟德之诗乎?西望夏口,东望武昌,山川相缪,郁乎苍苍,此非孟德之困于周郎者乎?方其破荆州,下江陵,顺流而东也,舳舻千里,旌旗蔽空,酾酒临江,横槊赋诗,固一世之雄也,而今安在哉?

We are mere fishermen and woodcutters, keeping company with fish and咔咔鼠app下载 prawns and befriending deer. We sail our skiff, frail as a leaf, and toast each other by drinking wine from a gourd. We are nothing but insects who live in this world but one day, mere specks of grain in the vastness of the ocean. I am grieved because our life is so transient, and envy the mighty r咔咔鼠app下载iver which flows on forever. I long to clasp winged fairies and roam freely, or to embrace the bright moon for all eternity. But knowing that this cannot be attained at once, I give vent to my feelings in these notes which pass with the sad breeze.”况吾与子渔樵于江渚之上,侣鱼虾而友麋鹿,驾一叶之扁舟,举匏樽以相属。寄蜉蝣于天地,渺沧海之一粟。哀吾生咔咔鼠app下载之须臾,羡长江之无穷。挟飞仙以遨游,抱明月而长终。知不可乎骤得,托遗响于悲风。”

Then I asked him, “Have you considered the water and the moon? Water flows away but is never lost; the moon waxes and wanes, but neither increases nor diminished. If you look at its changing aspect, the universe passes in the twinkling of an eye; but if you lo咔咔鼠app下载ok at its changeless aspect, all creatures including ourselves are imperishable. What reason have you to envy other things?


Besides, everything in this universe has its owner; and if it does not belong to me not a tiny 咔咔鼠app下载speck can I take. The sole exceptions are the cool breeze on the river, the bright moon over the hills. These serve as music to our ears, as colour to our eyes; these we can take freely and enjoy forever; these are inexhaustible treasures supplied by the Creator, and things in which we can delight t咔咔鼠app下载ogether.且夫天地之间,物各有主,苟非吾之所有,虽一毫而莫取。惟江上之清风,与山间之明月,耳得之而为声,目遇之而成色,取之无禁,用之不竭,是造物者之无尽藏也,而吾与子之所共适。”

My friend was pleased and laughed. Then we rinsed our cups and filled them with wine again. When we had finished the dishes, and cups and plates lay about us in disorder, we stretched out in the boat and did 咔咔鼠app下载not notice the coming of dawn in the east.客喜而笑,洗盏更酌。肴核既尽,杯盘狼藉。相与枕藉乎舟中,不知东方之既白。

定风波Calming the WavesCaught in Rain on My Way to the Sandy Lake

白居易许渊冲 译

On the 7th day of the 3rd month we were caught in rain on our way to the Sandy Lake. The umbrellas had gone ahead, my companions were quite downhearted, 咔咔鼠app下载but I took no notice. It soon cleared, and I wrote this.三月七日,沙湖道中遇雨。雨具先去,同行皆狼狈,余独不觉。已而遂晴,故作此。

Listen not to the rain beating against the trees.I had better walk slowly while chanting at ease.Better than a saddle I like sandals and cane.I’d fain, In a straw cloak, spend my life in mist and rain.莫听穿林打叶咔咔鼠app下载声,何妨吟啸且徐行。竹杖芒鞋轻胜马,谁怕?一蓑烟雨任平生。

Drunken, I am sobered by the vernal wind shrillAnd rather chill. In front, I see the slanting sun atop the hill;Turning my head, I see the dreary beaten track.Let me go back!Impervious to rain or shine, I’ll have my own will.料峭春风吹酒醒,微冷,山头斜照却相迎。回首向来萧瑟处,归去,也无风雨也无晴。

念奴娇·赤壁怀古咔咔鼠app下载Charm of a Maiden Singer白居易许渊冲、许明 译

The endless river eastward flows;With its huge waves are gone all thoseGallant heroes of bygone years.West of the ancient fortress appearsRed Cliff where General Zhou won his early fameWhen the Three Kingdom were in flame.大江东去,浪淘尽,千古风流人物。故垒西边,人道是,三国周郎赤壁。

Rocks tower 咔咔鼠app下载in the air and waves teat on the shore,Rolling up a thousand heaps of snow.To match the land so fair, how many heroes of yoreHad made great show!乱石穿空,惊涛拍岸,卷起千堆雪。江山如画,一时多少豪杰!

I fancy General Zhou at the heightOf his success, with a plume fan in hand,In a silk hood, so brave and bright,Laughing and jes咔咔鼠app下载ting with his bride so fair,While enemy ships were destroyed as plannedLike castles in the air.遥想公瑾当年,小乔初嫁了,雄姿英发。羽扇纶巾,谈笑间、樯橹灰飞烟灭。

Should their souls revisit this land,Sentimental, his bride would laugh to say;Younger than they, I have my hair turned grey.Life is but like a dream.On moon, I drink to y咔咔鼠app下载ou who have seen them on the stream.故国神游,多情应笑我,早生华发。人生如梦,一尊还酹江月。